Square Pegs Portal

The Square Pegs Portal is an electronic trading platform tailor-made for our broker partners. It provides a secure and easy-to-use environment to transact a broad range of insurance covers for a hugely diverse spectrum of clients. The Square Pegs Portal is a uniquely flexible, allowing brokers to place new business and to amend or renew existing policies.


We don’t sell packages or charge for a cover that our client doesn’t want or need. Instead, they chose what they want. A business can start with just enough insurance cover to get going and add more cover as their needs evolve.

Value for money

We don’t claim to be the cheapest, and we don’t promise to save our clients pounds! pounds! pounds! However, we’re good at what we do, we try to understand our client’s business. We provide something useful and appropriate. And nothing else.

Open for business

We are honest, straightforward and tell it like it is. We’ll listen, try to understand and do our best to help.

Square Pegs clients

Square Pegs has schemes to accommodate clients with a range of unusual features, such as:

  • a complicated mixture of trade activities within a business,

  • an interesting financial history,

  • clients operating in ‘high-risk’ locations,

  • coverage extensions – e.g. professional liability,

  • exports or imports,

  • interesting or unusual product types,

  • previous convictions,

  • uncommon or unusual trades,

  • work visits overseas,

  • working from home,

  • other ‘Square Peg’ clients who don’t fit into a round hole.

Do we deal directly with the public?

No. We only sell via insurance brokers and not direct. Your insurance broker will provide you with help when you need it, look after your needs and protect your interests.